Flow in Action

by GaneshChidambarakrishnan

Posted on December 17, 2015 at 9:00 PM

The other day, I was working with a group of people to help them facilitate a program for "New Managers". While there were lots of content and this group of people are experts in making presentations, the key shift needed was how to not download the content but make it an engaging learning experience for the audience. As we discussed and co-created the program flow, some simple principles of facilitation stood out.

  • Context is the Queen - let the context of the participants sink in to you.
  • Take from where Participants are;not from where I am.
  • Not to engage the participants, but to "engage with' the participants
  • The energy of the group has the inherent capability to learn and find solutions to the issues of relevance to them.
  • As a facilitator, I don't have to give any solutions, but just point to possible directions in which solutions could be explored.
  • Right questions are the key to facilitation - Spend disproportionately high amount of time in framing key questions of importance to the group - both before the session and during the session.
  • Have an overall plan as a reference/ direction, but go with the flow - play it by the ear - don't get bound by your plan/ prepared content.
  • Stories and analogies help learning much deeper - Don't give direct messages.
  • The process of learning is inherently Non-Linear. Rationality tend to take a linear dimension. Yes, it is possible to be simple without being rational - I reckon this can only be experienced!
  • Have fun! Dance - That's your stage; but dance with the participants, not for them.

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