Quirky Designations: Old Wine in a New bottle?

by Gitanjali Saksena

Posted on June 10, 2015 at 9:00 PM

I recently came across a Business Standard article about 'Quirky Designations not being a fad'. The article contained various titles being used by the new age organisations. These ranged from Chief Delight Officer to Chief Demonstration Officer to Data Guerrilla to my favourite, CEO (Chief Everything Officer).

This got me thinking about the eternal debate on Job vs. Role. We have seen the so called transition from 'Job Descriptions' to 'Role Descriptions'. But what is also known that we rarely manage to capture the true essence of role in our documents. That Job titles are more reflective of our experience, rather than our expertise is an accepted fact. But what is also known that most of the times we fail to appreciate and understand the accountability and responsibilities which go with these titles. And what happens when the title overshadows the person itself? And the kind of judgements and prejudices it gives rise to? During my stint at Gallup, we often saw disengagement because there was no relation between the title and the role/responsibilities.

Some of the above thoughts might be coming because I am a Coach and truly believe in looking at and looking into a person as what he/she is- beyond a point, titles, caste, religion, background becomes immaterial. We have also taken a conscious call not to have titles in our organization. Everyone is a Consultant and a Business Owner. Which brings me to a larger issue- why do we need titles in organisations? What should it really denote? Are the new age organisations really starting a new trend? LAST QUESTION : How would this world be without titles? Personally, I feel quite liberated by the idea :-)