You are not out. You are outstanding.

by P. V. Sebastian

Posted on July 14, 2015 at 9:00 PM

Make no mistake, the warm welcome you got on your first day is never a true indication of the treatment you would continue get in the organisation. The initial few days of your joining a new company, you may get papered to the tilt. You will be inducted and oriented. Buddy to escort and guide you, immediate supervisor taking you out for lunch, a chance to meet up with the CEO and even to have coffee with him. Yes, a special cab is arranged to drop you home in the evening! The gift packet you got from HR contains some imported chocolates specially for your family as a token of your company's appreciation for supporting you in your decision to join the company! You may carry an impression (call it illusion) that you are surrounded by angels and great souls. You will become a non-believer in the Best Place To Work survey and rankings for your company is not listed in it! Such a caring company, great people, state of the art office, best pantry and pantry services....everything looks so 'best', what is wrong with this BPTW Company? Why have they not listed my organisation among one of the BPTW companies, you may wonder? I heard your comment too. They are not 'BEST' at what they are doing!! Hasn't somebody told you that this is your 'honeymoon' period in the company! Now pinch yourself and get back to the real world? It would make a world of difference! Your honeymoon period is over!!

The Corporate world is too performance oriented, competitive and dynamic. You will have to face spinners and speedsters, no balls and bouncers. But, there is a lot of fun too. Be a street smart. Play your game always as if it is the best and the last chance for you to score a century. That is how you learn and earn. If your company's focus is in building performance culture and its compensation philosophy is pay for performance, you have to perform well to remain relevant. Your manager will demand performance from you. If you don't perform, she will call you for detailed performance review discussion. Improvement areas would be discussed and mutually agreed upon. After all your manager is equally responsible for building the performance culture in the organisation.

If you still don't improve you will be put on performance improvement plan. Now wake up you dreamer and put in your best effort. Improve your commitment to purpose. Don't let the chance dribble away. If you are not competitive, you will be left behind. If your performance is not exceeding expectation you may be asked to leave and you will end up job less till you find a new job. A difficult task indeed. There will be some dip in your market value too!

It is, therefore, important that you play your game with high level of sincerity, commitment and dedication. A learning person is a winning person. Keep learning new things; processes, process improvement techniques, read relevant books especially motivational and inspirational books. After putting in your best effort, if things are not working out the way you would like it to be, never get disheartened or disappointed. If you don't know a few things and your manager is assessing you on your weakness, remember that she is providing you with an opportunity to grab the unknown. She has your best interest in mind.